Who We Are?

We opened our doors in 1994, and for 24 years we are able to provide a uniquely personal experience for each of our clients.

We survived the collapse of the housing market in 2008, and the worldwide recession that followed for years to come; while others closed their doors, we stayed open because we were able to provide a one on one relationship, something that the big banks and other lenders were unable to do.

What We Offer?

American Financial Funding is a mortgage banker.

Mortgage bankers use their own funds to finance borrowers. Mortgage bankers also work with realtors and individuals through the entirety of the mortgage process acting as a lending advisor to the borrower. Mortgage bankers have the ability to make subjective decisions throughout the loan process. These subjective decisions often lead to the acceptance of a loan application that would typically be rejected by brokers’ standards, but because mortgage bankers are able to modify the loan conditions to ensure that the borrower will be in good standing and be able to afford the monthly mortgage payments the borrower can be accepted.

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Our goal at American Financial Funding Corporation is to provide access to
competitive interest rates in a timely manner.


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